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Fastener Tools - Mag-O-Nets 
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  • A revolutionary way to convert standard bits to magnetic bits! Turn virtually any standard screwdriver bit into a magnetized bit by simply sliding on a Mag-O-Net* collar.
  • This revolutionary magnetic collar provides an easy cost effective alternative for converting standard bits to magnetic bits. You no longer have to exchange your entire inventory of bits to upgrade, just collar them with Mag-O-Nets!
    Fastener Tools - Mag-O-Nets
  • Mag-O-Nets
  • For hand-held pnuematic, electric, or cordless tools visit "Power Tools" and "Controlled Fastening Tools".

  • Click on "Torque Measurement Systems" for torque testing, monitoring, and control.

  • For adding automation to your assembly process visit screw feeders and screw presenters under "Assembly Systems".

    *U.S. Patent 5861789
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