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Fastener Tools - Standard Impact Sockets and Extensions
3/8" Impact Sockets
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AIMCO Sockets
  • Custom bits, sockets, and extensions for the power tool user

    AIMCO can provide specials for virtually any application. From design to delivery, our quick response ensures high quality, tight tolerance specials. A Fastener Group Specials Workbook is available from your AIMCO representative upon request or call 800-852-1368

    AIMCO impact sockets available in thin wall
    AIMCO impact sockets available as double hex
    AIMCO impact sockets available as extended style
    Fastener Tools - Standard Impact Sockets and Extensions
    3/8" Impact Sockets
  • Standard - 3/8"
  • Thin Wall - 3/8"
  • Surface Drive - 3/8"
  • Double Hex - 3/8"
  • Deep - 3/8"
  • Extended - 3/8"
  • Magnetic Pressed - 3/8"
  • Magnetic Sliding - 3/8"
  • Magnetic Tube - 3/8"
  • A Complete Offering!

    AIMCO offers a complete selection of high quality bits, sockets, and extensions. Our goal is to supply you with the highest quality fastener tools for your application

    Enter your current part number in the competitor model number box to see the AIMCO comparative part number. Please consult the part number specification table to determine appropriate selection for your application

    Extras and Options
    Extensions and sockets are supplied standard with steel pin and rubber O-Ring. Steel O-Rings are available upon request at no extra charge

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