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Tool Support Systems - Air Line Accessories 

  • Tool Support Systems Quick Start Guides
    Instructional Information

    AIMCO strives to be a resource for our customers to ensure you get the right system for your application.
    Twist Plugs
    Hose fittings provide 360 rotation and 35 angled rotation in any direction.
    Tool Swivel
    Rotates 360 to prevent hose kinking at awkward angles.
    Quick Coupler
    Manual ball couplers designed for use with ergonomic twist plugs.
    Tool Support Systems - Air Line Accessories
  • Ergonomic Twist Plugs
  • Tool Swivels
  • Quick Couplers
  • Clean and Dry
    To determine FRL unit size for application, you will need to know:
    • Total air flow (CFM) required for application
    • Size of incoming air line
    • Size of air line required by tool
    • Air supply pressure (PSI)
    • Allowable pressure drop
    • If the application requires lubrication
    • If the overall system has the required capacity

    The supply of clean, dry air is essential to the operation of pneumatic powered tools. Use only clean filtered air for longer tool life. Provide proper airflow (CFM) and regulate air pressure (PSI) for optimum performance.

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