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Tool Support Systems - Ergo-Arms® 

AIMCO Ergo Arms®
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    AIMCO strives to be a resource for our customers to ensure you get the right system for your application.
    Unique upper rail adjustment keeps any tool perpendicular to the work surface.
    Parallel arm comes standard with electric tool mount.

    No air? No problem! Order our oil cylinder models in either standard or parallel.
    Tool Support Systems - Ergo-Arms®
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  • Set the Standard for Quality
    Classic AIMCO AD-D1098 series Ergo-Arms set the standard for quality. Optional tool mounts available for pistol grip, angle and electric tools. Available in single or parallel design. AIMCO Ergo-Arms® are designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase overall productivity. They are lightweight, easy to use, and designed to absorb torque reaction produced by assembly tools while balancing the tool weight.

    Ensure Longer Life
    New AIMCO FRLs--the supply of clean, dry air is essential to the operation of pneumatic tools. Ensure longer life with proper maintenance for your valuable tools. Ask about our extended warranty on Uryu tools.

    Retrofit is Simple
    ATW-50 Workstation Kit--Retrofit this simple solution to any existing worksurface for a complete and organized workstation.

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