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Fastener Tools - Nut Setters 
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  • Nutsetters in Styles!

    AIMCO nutsetters are available in many styles, sizes, and lengths. Standard hex comes in inch and millimeter. Magnetic types are available in pressed, sliding, and tube magnet. Universal nutsetters are available in 8mm through 14mm. Off-the-shelf lengths available up to 8 inches. Contact your AIMCO representative or call 800-852-1368 for information about special lengths.

    Fastener Tools - Nut Setters
  • Standard
  • Pressed Magnetic Type
  • Sliding Magnetic Type
  • Tube Magnetic Type
  • Universal Type
  • A Complete Offering!

    AIMCO offers a complete selection of high quality bits, sockets, and extensions. Our goal is to supply you with the highest quality fastener tools for your application

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    Extras and Options
    Most items are available in both American and Japanese industrial standards to properly fit your fasteners

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